Who Plays a Rosebud? You could be next...

The user listing does not constitute official endorsement, merely that these artists have purchased a CB Alyn Rosebud Guitar directly from us or through retail dealers.

Users Listing...

Pete Anderson
Chris Bovard: slack key guitarist
Jackson Browne
Lloyd Cole
Barry Gibb BeeGeeā€™s
Margaret Elliot
Don Felder: The Eagles
Jerry Hahn: Jerry Hahn Brotherhood
Richard Gerr
Eric Henderson
Stephen Herzog
Don Johnson

Roger Johnson: studio musician
Kamran Khan
David Kalish: Bonnie Raitt's Band
Earl Klugh
Al Kooper
Mark Knopfler
Tommy Koontz: TV -studio musician
Greg Lake Emerson, Lake & Palmer
David Landia: LA studio musician
David Lindley
Danny Leavitt
Mark McClure: L.A. studio musician
Robbie McIntosh: Paul McCartney
Michael Penn
Keeanu Reeves
Al Ross: N.Y. studio musician
Steve Schiff: L.A. studio musician
G.E. Smith: Saturday Night Live
Dwight Yoakam
Jesse Colin Young
Neil Young